We are doing a weekly letter-writing activity on Thursdays. This is to help Nature Boy learn some writing skills that are quickly diminishing in our media-driven society. I am hoping to get a graphic made by Alice so I can use it in my sidebar (especially when I convert back to Typepad, my long lost friend!!). Until then, I encourage you to pick up the pen in your own household. A well written note is such a blessing to the receiver, don’t you think?


“Nature Boy” loves fishing and so it was only natural that his second lapbook would be all about fish, namely, Esox Lucius (northern pike). For this lapbook we used a variety of resources, including the Fish of Minnesota book, cut-outs from magazines (especially the boys’ favorite, Field & Stream) stickers, and a “Treasure Island Map” font I downloaded from somewhere for the title of the lapbook.

Here is the front of the lapbook:

From Lapbooks

And here is the inside when you unfold it:

From Lapbooks

And here is the inside with the flaps unfolded:

From Lapbooks

There is a space left open for a picture of him with a northern. We just haven’t sifted from our mountain of photos yet to find the perfect picture. Uncle Jim is also pictured on the bottom middle, of course he had to include that!

Here are some of the things (fold-outs) we included:

  • The number of northerns he’s caught
  • Bait used to catch a northern
  • Fish-handling tips
  • Assorted questions
  • World records

Here is one of our favorite books, lapbook-style! Red really enjoyed this project, “Jamberry” is one of the best rhyming books we’ve ever come across! The boys have pretty much memorized this book over the years. We always pull it out when strawberry-picking season arrives.

From Lapbooks

To make this lapbook, we simply copied the front of the book using our color copier. The inside of the lapbook consists of:

Left hand side:

  • Pictures of a boy and a bear (main characters in the book)


  • A printout of “compound word” pictures (printed off a website, I can’t remember where!)
  • Favorite berry foods
  • A blueberry pie with blueberries colored on it and counted

Right hand side:

  • A strawberry with a little rhyme printed on the inside
  • Rhyme
  • Coloring of a canoe

Pretty simple, but for his first lapbook we think he did a fine job!

I do remember visiting http://www.homeschoolshare.com for some inspiration.

The other day Mr. Dreamy and I were talking about going to an upcoming conference. He asked if I thought that “I really needed to go.” Well, I guess I don’t have to. However as a homeschooling mom I would hope that improving and inspiring myself to be a better person, a better mother, a better wife and to be inspired spiritually would be important for our family goals. I was just reading a book about entrepreneurship. One thing that struck me was one of the reasons why women wanted to start their own business: to add a “professional development” expense account to their yearly budget. They felt that “professional development” was missing in their current work career and wanted to make that a priority in running their own business.

My view of “professional development” is obviously much different from that of a woman with a career outside the home. Still, the idea crosses boundaries into other vocations; especially mine. I can see my professional development plan including a yearly spiritual retreat, morning prayer time, my monthly book club, journal time, a conference or two here and there, and even making dates with Mr. Dreamy a priority in our marriage. Looks like I’ll need to sign up for the above conference and our absolute favorite!

I love the term “tablescape.” Not sure where I originally heard it but it just sounds like going on a vacation via your dinner table. Anyways, for Easter I get so excited about decorating because I LOVE RABBITS!!!! They’re adorable aren’t they?

I think I will always have a love for rabbits from childhood. My little brother and I had some pet rabbits that my mom did not enjoy taking care having around. One day we came home and found them GONE. Poof! They had disappeared. She had given them away! From then on I missed those rabbits. I don’t ever see us having any rabbits, only because we already have enough to take care of around here. However these little rabbit salt and pepper shakers will do quite nicely:

The best part about this Easter was having some friends over for dinner and dessert. They brought some fabulous food and we had three different desserts; chocolate pies, “Resurrection Cheesecake” and a Coconut Cake from Barefoot Contessa. Easter dinner was heavenly (no pun intended)!

Well my friends, you are going to find out how fickle I really am. Yes, I’m thinking of going back to Typepad. Why on earth would I do that after I just converted the blog to WP? It’s simple, really. The books. Yes, the books. I can have a bunch of books listed in my sidebar with Typepad, and I can also upload pictures so much easier than I can in WP. Actually I can’t upload pictures at all in WP, I have to use a picasa album to easily get them in my posts.

The best things about WordPress? First, the ability to use our backyard picture in the header and the fact that it’s free! I keep on thinking that I’ll write more posts if I go back to Typepad but I’m not sure if it’s the blog interface or just my procrastination that’s the problem. So what do you think? Please leave a comment letting me know your opinion. Stay tuned for future developments….

Now while we choose to focus on the Resurrection of Christ as our Easter celebration, the Easter bunny still leaves some surprises for the boys. Here is this year’s basket collection:

Nature Boy’s Basket Includes: A Guide to MN Bird’s & CD, Colored Pencils, Band-Aids, and of course, lots of chocolates!

Yona’s Basket Includes: “Nobunny’s Perfect” book, Easter Egg Coloring Kit (to do tomorrow), Mini-Whinnies (little toy horses), crayon-themed Band-Aids and a Peter Rabbit Bunny.

Red’s Basket Includes: Playmobil Toys (Romans), a Cowboy Nightlight, Colored Pencils, Band-Aids, and chocolate.

Why am I listing all of this? Simply so I can remember for next Easter of course! This was so much fun to put together, and of course Granny helped before she left to go to the salt mine LOL.